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People who bought "Bonavista" (Folio One) have said:

"Your book is beautiful, as I knew it would be! I picked it up from the post office today, and it is a joy to have such a perfectly crafted object. I love the photographs, and your writing is elegant and to the point." Lise, Norway

"My Bonavista book arrived. It is beautiful, blending the timeless with the built. John King shows us a landscape that whispers constantly (sort of a stage whisper) about our fleetingness in time; that even the rock upon which our fences are built will someday wear away. I've only been there once when I was 15. It was like seeing what Beethoven was really writing about without his knowing it. Here, at last, is the souvenir I never had; a true evocation of the landscape that hides itself in my eroded memories. It is hand sewn, and I got #4, Bobby Orr's retired number."  Donna, Canada

"Yesterday, in fine condition, I received your portfolio in the mail. I must say I'm struck by the care and sense of detail you've put into this folio. The paper you've chosen with care, the way it's hand bound, it all fits the delicacy of your Bonavista pictures so well. I'm amazed by the sheer quality of the prints. So much detail and well handled tones and colours. It's a delight to study them. I can only say I'm extemely pleased with it."  Bart, The Netherlands

"John King's hand printed and hand stitched book arrived from Canada today and it's a real treasure. I'm posting this so you can see that it got to Australia John (even though there are no possums in the frame to prove it....) Well, I've had it for two weeks now John and I have to say its still a treasure!"   Warren, Australia

"hello John, I've got your mail one week ago on thursday. Thank you very much. I'm very enjoyed and really love it – these excellent photographies are telling stories from the edge of the world (seen from Old Europe ;-)"  Hans Peter, Germany

"Greetings John, Wanted to let you know that your book arrived today. What a gem! Imagery, printing and binding are all beautifully done."  Tom, USA

"yesterday I received your 'Bonavista' book. It's really fine. I like it very much, the photos, the colours, the paper. Everything fits together, the size of the book, the size of the photos, the sequenzing. Thank you for the personalization, too. Yes, I enjoy it very much."  Manfred, Germany

"... I can say that it's an excellent photographic work but also a very beautiful work of book making (book making is a part of my work...)."  Thierry, France


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