Zenfolio | John King | Statement: Edge of Town

Edge of Town



These images portray a landscape in transition from wilderness to development in my small rural town.  They continue a long-standing interest in the intersection of human presence in the natural landscape. 

Land development imposes human order on the natural environment. During that transition the land appears mixed with incongruity and sometimes chaos. I like to find visual order in that mix using light, line and form within the photographic frame.  These cleared spaces sometimes induce a sense of calm but also an urgency to document the land in this in-between state.

I live in Shoal Harbour, Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada.  Shoal Harbour is so small it has been amalgamated with the neighbouring town of Clarenville. The combined population of both towns is about 5,000. Land development is underway in at least seven sites around town with evidence of land preparation and active construction.

I live in a house built on land developed from wilderness.

Everybody does.


-Shoal Harbour, 2012